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How Poor Fitting Dentures Are a Concern

Posted on 12/23/2021 by Olympia Prosthodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry
How Poor Fitting Dentures Are a ConcernDentures are a solution for people with missing teeth so they can eat, smile, and speak the way they are meant to. 90% of people who have missing teeth have a type of dental prosthetic, according to the American College of Prosthodontists. Many health concerns can arise when dental prosthetics do not fit correctly in the mouth.

Common Problems With Dental Prosthetics

Gum tissues can shrink as a person gets older which affects the way dental wear fits over time. Another side effect of this is when facial features shift, and the jaw can become misaligned. Not only does it cause the dental prosthetic to fit poorly, but it can cause several health problems too. It may be challenging for people to speak or eat naturally if their prosthetics are loose. Chewing and forming certain sounds while speaking can be an issue and often results in food becoming wedged beneath them. Ill fitting prosthetics can rub against your gums and cause inflammation and irritation. This causes mouth discomfort and makes eating very difficult. Blisters can form on the gum tissue and result in more pain and discomfort.

You can have a higher risk of oral infections if you wear ill fitting prosthetics. The loose movement and rubbing of the dentures can lead to sores, cuts, and blisters inside the mouth. Cheilitis and stomatitis are two major oral infections that are related to this and can result in yeast overproduction. However, a combination of medication and proper oral care can treat this. The most serious thing that poorly fitting dentures can cause it jawbone atrophy. Due to the wear and tear of poor fitting dentures, the bone can start to deteriorate under the pressure. The jaw is a bone in the body that cant regrow tissue. Therefore, it's important to take the right steps to correct this issue as soon as you can. If you experience any of these problems, its essential to visit a dentist immediately.

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